Clane Matthew - On The Real

Tap in and stream the “On The Real” EP by Clane Matthew on Juss Russ Radio. Hip-Hop sensation, Clane Matthew released a heavy new single entitled “On The Real” via Spotify recently, and has had his fans buzzing every since. For those of you that don’t know, Clane Matthew is one of the most highly anticipated newcomers on the independent Hip-Hop scene in 2019. Born as Lancelot Juniour Dean Bravo, Clane Matthew is an Jamaican-born Hip-Hop artist that has been carving his own lane within the Hip-Hop scene since 2008. He stumbled onto his passion and gift for music at the early age of 10-years old and since then has been on a mission to craft songs and sounds that are not only enjoyable to his listeners, but that also have the potential to change the world. He has the potential to be a household name if he continues to release quality records such as “On The Real”, and further defines his niche amongst the heavily saturated music business. Follow Clane Matthew on Spotify now if you want to hear more sounds from the up and comer. Stream “On The Real” by Clane Matthew now on Juss Russ Radio.