Cloud.9 - Bands Elastic

Take a break and catch a vibe to this new jam “Bands Elastic” by Cloud.9 on Juss Russ Radio. Headed by a grungy guitar sample and some neck snapping snares, the young crooner more popularly known as Cloud.9 grants us access to his moody new single entitled “Bands Elastic”. Cloud.9 ‘s sound and approach to records, even his production are very reminiscent of the wave that has been churning out of Canada and more northern regions of the United States. His ability to combine open, ambient sounds on the production side while still finding ways to implement simplistic but contagious melodies into his writing style has really drawn listeners in over the last year or so. Cloud.9’s unique brand aesthetic and image make him a standout among many also which is awesome because most artists these days struggle terribly with originality and being their own person. So enjoy this breath of fresh air and stream “Bands Elastic” by the young crooner today on Juss Russ Radio.