Cocaine Baby - Kurt Cobain (Prod. by Rodger)

Take a moment to listen to the song ‘Kurt Cobain’ by Cocaine Baby on Juss Russ Radio. St. Louis, Missouri Alternative Hip Hop recording artist Cocaine Baby makes his debut on Juss Russ Radio with an introspective record that highlights drug addiction. If this is where it all starts 'Cocaine Baby' just earned a new fan. Anybody that can muster the confidence and selflessness to speak in such an honest way about a widely viewed 'negative' topic is a winner in our book. Plus the song was well produced and holds your attention as you linger on every word. According to the artist: This song is real personal to me. I talk about my drug abuse. Me feeling like the singer/rockstar Kurt Cobain. Doing drugs just to cope with the sadness that I feel. I also talk about my family and how just because we have the same last name and the same blood running through our veins doesn’t mean they are loyal to you. They will always be there for you. I talk about trying to ignore the devil and running from him but how long can I really keep running if I’m using drugs and self destructing? It’s a short and sweet song, but this is me - the real me.