Coleman Cooler (With a Yeti Sticker) - Cheddar Peppers

Take a listen to “Cheddar Peppers” by Coleman Cooler (With a Yeti Sticker) on Juss Russ Radio. Country musician on the rise Coleman Cooler (With a Yeti Sticker) released an edgy new single not too long ago via Spotify entitled “Cheddar Peppers”. Coleman wastes no time getting straight to business on this track as it kicks open with some grungy guitars riffs and then shifts immediately into the first verse. “Cheddar Peppers” is the perfect song to play on a Friday or Saturday night that you plan on hitting the town and having a few drinks with your buddies or lady friends. The entire record is sprinkled with party references and implications of having a kick ass time with your friends or significant other. What I like most about this song is that it has a lot of layers to it sonically. The instrumentation and contributions made on this record by Coleman’s band really set a precedent in regards to showcasing the true potential of his sound. His songwriting on this joint was superb as he has this knack for being able to turn any theme into catchy hit with no effort. Stream “Cheddar Peppers” by Coleman Cooler (With a Yeti Sticker) now on Juss Russ Radio and make sure you follow up with him on Spotify to stay in the loop.