corbonnabeat dropped "Sucka4clout" with Big Brody & KChee$e


Take a listen to a new song called “Sucka4clout” by Corbonnabeat with BIG Brody & KChee$e on Juss Russ Radio. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the artists in this song; they are a collection of separate artists who have joined forces to make quality hit records. This song serves as their first single ever, (Corb aka corbonnabeat) is the main artist, producer, engineer, while BIG Brody and Kchee$e do the vocals. The two also have their own upcoming singles as well as a few more from corbonnabeat coming in the next few weeks. Towards the end of the summer this will all be followed up by a collab project between the 3 artists. Their goal is to show that they can hit many different vibes and do them all very well. As a producer corbonnabeat is trying to make a name for himself to show that he can make beats that vibe in any direction and that his in home laptop and cheap mic set up is enough to get high quality sound. He started out by just freestyling for fun last year over his old beats and eventually his friend gave him a mic which is what got this all started. Don’t sleep on this song or these artists. You can stream more of their work in the future on SoundCloud for free listening.

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