Da Chameleon - On Tha Map ( Single)

Da Chameleon

Check out On Tha Map by Da Chameleon on Juss Russ Radio. Da Chameleon is a Trap artist coming to us from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Like many artist he grew up with dreams of being bigger and better. Coming from the streets of Baton Rouge is no easy task. The influences are deep. Working on escaping the demons of drugs and violence that runs wild in the streets, he turned his mind to a more delightful skill set. He would spend hours playing words upon themselves, coming up with different sets. He became good enough that he started entering into battle contest and he was wining. In 2008 he released his first album, then came the second. He wants to make a difference in the Hip-Hop community by keeping relative content in his music. Stay up to date with the latest by subscribing to him on Soundcloud.