Dae-Jin - Her Poem


Listen to Her Poem by Dae-Jin on Juss Russ Radio. Dae-Jin is an Rapper from St. Louis, Missouri. Dae-Jin is just like you and me and most Americans these days. Growing up watching your parents fighting and arguing leaves an impression on you, which follows you into adult hood. He says growing up he felt he was always a little different. He would listen to Metal/Rock, he has no interest in sports until about 8th grade when he decided to play basketball. He was never one to be able to verbalize his emotions unless of course it was through poetry. High School was especially brutal for Dae-Jin; he was made fun of for his clothes, he was too skinny, and his fingers were crooked, this constant turmoil led to a dark path of depression. To make matters even more drastic; no matter what he did relationship wise he would end up abused or cheated on, this led to a huge hole in his heart. Still hold his head high, he and a friend started making music, well they became the laughing stock of the school. One day everything changed, he got in contact with a local rapper Lil Lewis and with a little help they produced and released their first song. No longer the butt of jokes he started cranking out music on the regular. Taking all that pain and turning it into poetry set to music. His latest drop is about that special someone...take a listen, give it a like then drop some comments. To connect further with Dae-Jin follow him on SoundCloud.