Daniel Esrich - After Hours

Take a listen to “After Hours” by Daniel Esrich on Juss Russ Radio. Electronic Artist/Producer, Daniel Esrich is back with a nocturnal and ambient new single entitled “After Hours”. This record dropped recently on Spotify and is seeming to be one of his new fan favorites amongst his slew of supporters worldwide. Daniel Esrich is an artist driven by the abstract and more experimental hues of sound as the majority of his soundscapes often incorporate unconventional instrumentation and melodies that you don’t hear within the mainstream. It is this approach to his music that makes Daniel Esrich such a polarizing and captivating figure amongst the new age of independent Electronic artists we see and hear of today. “After Hours” is definitely a song that was crafted to experience at night time, as the chords and transient rhodes all blend perfectly in order to create a vibe that is nothing less than what I described earlier in this post, nocturnal. All we can hope for now is that Daniel Esrich keeps his foot on the gas and continues to evolve his craft throughout the year! A couple of visuals would be appreciated as well to enhance the sonic quality of his work! His sound is so abstract and conceptual that shooting high quality visuals to accompany each piece would definitely enhance the look and feel of Esrich’s sound entirely. Follow Daniel Esrich on Spotify now to hear more tunes from the up and coming Electronic artist. Stream “After Hours” now by Daniel Esrich on Juss Russ Radio.