Dante Hill - Flag

Watch the official music video to Flag by Dante Hill on Juss Russ Radio. After making his debut on to Juss Russ Radio with singles like 'Hit Her Up' and 'Momentum', Dante Hill is back with some heat in his latest single Flag. As an artist and founder of Rooftop Dreamteam, Dante Hill wears quite a few different hats. Dante has built a strong career over the last year by incorporating the diversity of his upbringing and his strong sense of self-awareness to life through his music. His first full length EP, 'While We Work' has been acclaimed as an 'underground classic' by websites like UGHH.com and he's even been crowned as a leader in this current generation of hip hop by legends like Melle Mel, Kool Herc and even modern artists like Murda Mook. At this point, Dante Hill has lost the luxury of being humble. When he was humble, they tried to delay his progress. They offered lessons and advice strictly for the sake of making themselves feel important. His confidence, and understanding of his own potential is what's lead him and his team to greater positions at quicker speeds than his peers. According to Dante and the crew 'we will maintain that through any means necessary. This is the first step in that declaration.' You can watch more videos by Dante Hill on YouTube.