Darius - Freedom

Stream “Freedom” by Darius on Juss Russ Radio. Darius is one of the few artist on the music scene today, whether it mainstream or indie, that truly represents the purity of Rap music and Hip-Hop. In an era where the masses seem to gravitate toward the more watered down, materialistic, and drug-induced sounds promoted through the Rap music, Darius is a breathe of fresh air for those who seek it. He recently released a new single on his SoundCloud page entitled “Freedom”, and if I have to say anything about this track, it would be that it is a must listen for any true Hip-Hop appreciator. Lyrically and style wise, Darius puts me in the mind of modern-day legends such as Lupe Fiasco and the earlier vibes Kanye West was producing. His sound carries a real Up-town Swing and Jazz influence that gives his music a very rich texture that connects directly to his listeners. “Freedom” is a dope record that is all about freeing your mind from mental doubts and not allowing your fears to get in the way of your dreams and goals. Life will have a tendency to throw a plethora of obstacles at you on your joinery toward happiness and success, therefore you must master the art of perseverance in order to make it out in the world! Darius is here to let you know this, and hopefully encourage you to take the leap of faith in order to pursue your true desires the same way he was able to do for himself. Follow Darius now on SoundCloud and make sure you check out more of his music if you enjoy his sound. Take a listen to “Freedom” by Darius now on Juss Russ Radio.