Da$vo - Fast Lane


Take a listen to Fast Lane by Da$vo on Juss Russ Radio. Da$vo is an aspiring Rap artist from Columbus, Georgia. Fast Lane featuring Rico Bravo, is a song about the elite 4 as I like to call them, Sex, Drugs, Money and Women. Because sex, drugs, money and women are woven into the fabric of America. The most depraved, greedy, misogynistic people in American history are lauded as heroes and worshiped as icons. Coming from the inner city or the "hood" to obtain these 4 means you are successful, and why not flaunt it. You worked for it, you grow up being told you will never amount to anything. What a great way to "stick it" to all your haters. Stream Fast Lane and follow Da$vo on Soundcloud to be the first to know of all his latest releases and projects.