D.HILLS - Hold Me To It

Take a listen to “Hold Me To It” by D.HILLS on Juss Russ Radio. Here to represent for the crooners of the musical universe is up and coming artist, D.HILLS. Not long ago, D.HILLS decided it was time to deliver a new vibe to revamp the momentum surrounding the brand and sound. This new vibe came in the form of a new soundscape entitled “Hold Me To It”, which he delivered on SoundCloud for free streaming. This record is all about holding down your lady, and being there for when she needs you most. The up and coming R&B sensation has never had an issue crafting songs that speak directly to the relationship issues of today, but more specifically crafting songs that speak directly to the audience. Her vocal tone and ability to come up with infectious and melodic hooks with ease have also helped her name to stick in 2019! Many of her records have already accumulated a few thousand, or tens of thousands of streams on SoundCloud or across other music platforms such as Apple Music or Spotify. If D.HILLS stays consistent and continues to churn out high quality hits such as “Hold Me To IT”, it’s safe to say she’ll be a household name before the year ends. Follow D.HILLS on SoundCloud now to hear more music from the up and coming R&B artist. Stream “Hold Me To It” by D.HILLS now on Juss Russ Radio.