$ Dolla Bill - Roamin Around (Feat. Cam Meekins & Michael Christmas)

Listen to “Roamin Around” by $ Dolla Bill on Juss Russ Radio. $ Dolla Bill has been on the up and up early and often during 2019! He recently released a new track entitled “Roamin Around” on SoundCloud for free streaming, and since then has been receiving a lot of new fan engagement on his social media platforms. Fan engagement is always a good way to gauge how hot or cold what you’re doing is to the people you’re trying to appeal too. If you dropped a record and literally received zero feedback, not even anything negative, its likely that you need to switch your angle and find a new way to garner the attention you’re looking for. $ Dolla Bill has found his own lane, and consistently continues to prove why his music and name is growing on such a steady basis. He uses his songwriting ability to tell stories of life that relate to the masses, an art form that seems to be lost these days in regards to the Hip-Hop genre. He stays true to who he is and produces a sound that represents and reflects the character and spirit that he possesses accurately, making him an easy artist to buy into. Follow $ Dolla Bill on SoundCloud now to hear more music from the up and coming Hip-Hop heavyweight. Stream “Roamin Around”, by $ Dolla Bill (feat. Cam Meekins & Michael Christmas) now on Juss Russ Radio,

Braxton Harshaw

Braxton Harshaw is a writer for Artist Sounds and has been writing since 2016.