DoLo $ensei - M.I.A.

dolo $ensei

Check out M.I.A. by DoLo $ensei on Juss Russ Radio! DoLo $ensei is a rapper based in Decatur, Georgia. Born into a very religious family, DoLo's only exposure to music as a child came from his older relatives, who would play anything from Outkast to Jay Z. As the shy and creative type, DoLo discovered that making music helped him process the emotions he felt when his family moved away from his hometown, and he used his new passion to found a music group with some of his new friends. His latest track, M.I.A., is a carefree, yet dark track that talks about DoLo's goal to succeed outside his city. Breaking norms, DoLo wants to spread his message to youth all over the nation, telling them to become self-reliant and reach their goals no matter what. Give it a listen on SoundCloud and keep an eye out for more of DoLo $ensei's work.