Dominic DimitriT - Die For Me

Dominic DimitriT

Listen to Die For Me by Dominic DimitriT on Juss Russ Radio. With Dominic’s extensive music base he desperately tried to define himself as an artist in the competitive industry world. He was constantly evolving and modifying his sound from a rapper to indie artist to R&B and even Synth Pop, before creating his own niche that would define his sound- a combination of Synth pop and alternative R&B with Trap influences. Dominic is a beat-maker/ song-writer and Producer and is constantly working on music that not only embodies who he is as an artist, but the hurdles he has overcome and the struggles that resonates with today’s youth. Dominic, also known as Dominic DimitriT creates music that is strongly influenced by artists such as Josef Salvat, Mr. Hudson, Hurts, PartyNextDoor and many more. He combines deep lyrics with clever word play to grab the attention of his listeners and pave the way for a new movement. Dominic’s music can be described as hypnotizing and mellow, but with lyrics than can be felt deep into your core. Dominic DimitriT creates music that leaves you yearning for more and each track elicits different emotional responses that you can’t control. You can stream new songs on Soundcloud.