So Thotful of You by Dope Abyss


Stream So Thotful of You by Dope Abyss on Juss Russ Radio. Dope Abyss is a new Alternative Rock band with hip hop beginnings based in Jersey Shore. The lead singer Walter Pluto is formerly known as Billiano FeVeR and his music can be found throughout the web. Billiano FeVeR decided to venture "past pluto" thus the name change with a new sound because he says the rap industry is flooded and no longer a platform where he wants his story told. "So Thotful of You" is a word play on thoughtful however the female in this song is everything but thoughtful. "So Thotful of You" is a song about a socialite with a boyfriend who she does not deserve. She is always on the club scene. She is a gold digger type with no real substance. Dope Abyss lead singer "Walter Pluto" gets the ultimate revenge when the female thotfully leaves him with her friend as she goes out to party. Lead singer Walter Pluto showcases some solid vocals on this record and the acoustic instrumental gives this song a warm and mellow vibe that gives it major repeat potential. Check out the Jersey Shore trailblazers also known as Dope Abyss. If you like what you hear, follow them on SoundCloud.