dotAM - Kikanai

Stream the new single “Kikanai” by dotAM on Juss Russ Radio. Representing the new sound of Tokyo, Japan is emerging EDM/Soul/R&B producer dotAM. Up to this point in time, dotAM has used popular platforms such as SoundCloud to not only promote his own sounds but also has used to platform as a means to expose and shine light on other musicians from his area. What’s not completely clear to me is what role dotAM enjoys playing most, the producer or the curator? Either way it goes dotAM’s ear for music is evident and his ability to create moody and melodic soundscapes that nearly send the listener into a musical trance is certainly a gift he hasn’t been shy about sharing with us. His new single “Kikanai” is a very minimalist style Electro-R&B track that is carried smoothly by crisp hi-hat rolls and a melancholy synth-lead that creates an vibey space for the vocals to shine through in a very lush manner. The sweet tone of the female vocalist provides a great contrast to the more tranquil and mellow production as well. The song title “Kikanai” draws a reference to a Japanese phrase which means “not working or no longer functioning”, so it’s my best guess to assume this song is telling a melodic story of a relationship or moment in life where things just simply aren’t working in the artist’s favor. Assuming this interpretation is correct, the lyrics really provide a transparent medium for the dotAM to connect with his listeners beyond the sonic surface. The story, the message, and the vibe on this one are all enjoyable to say the least. If dotAM stays consistent and continues to find other artists to help bring his productions to life, he just might be the producer to help shine a new perspective on Japanese music to the rest of the world. Be sure to follow dotAM on SoundCloud and stay on the wave for more content coming soon. Stream “Kikanai” by dotAM now on Juss Russ Radio.