downside - Bother With It (Acoustic Version)

Check out this acoustic melody “Bother With It” by Downside on Juss Russ Radio. Downside creates an angelic vibe with “Bother With It” and is now in rotation on Juss Russ Radio.   Downside's "Bother With It" is speaking about a situation of an ex lover.  Some relationships can end emotionally painful because folks tend to hold on to things that aren't necessarily in their best interest.   Once the relationship has been over for a little while we realize we are better off.   Once we realize that we're better off without that not so better half it feels much easier to brush off any extra baggage and it's easy to choose not to "Bother With It". Stream "Bother With It" and more great music by Downside by clicking on the link above. Enjoy!


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