Dre Priest - Small City Big Dreams (Mixtape)

dre priest.JPG

Take a listen to the new mixtape titled 'Small City Big Dreams', by Hip-Hop recording artist Dre Priest. Dre Priest is a popular musician in his hometown of Louisville, KY where he is known and loved by many for his contributions to intellectual Hip Hop. For those of you who aren't familiar with this artist you'll notice after exploring his discography that he makes a lot of conscious rap music that is similar to that of an Eminem or Tupac and Biggie. Dre Priest rose to the top of the charts in his hometown in 2015 when he debuted his controversial video for a song called 'Black Lives Matter', which gained a lot of exposure for the artist after it was premiered to a worldwide audience on WorldStarHipHop during a prominent time in black history where police brutality was being politicized by the media. Dre Priest is a polished and tenacious lyricist who combines thoughtful bars with catchy hooks. Don't sleep!