Drew Cooley - The One/Rush

Drew Cooly

Listen to The One/Rush by Drew Cooley on Juss Russ Radio. Drew Cooley is an RnB artist making waves from San Diego, California. He began singing at the young age of 14 and has been growing and perfecting ever since. Now 24, he wants to tell stories through his music. The One/Rush is about finding that special someone in your life and taking the next step BUT having a player background is making this relationship hard because she knows of your past. Trying to comfort, console and bring reassurance as to what they relationship could be, he suddenly has a change of heart. Is he really ready? Can he truly love 1 woman? Can he be faithful? While going through this contemplation he switches it up and now doesn't want to rush or be rushed. Leaving him vulnerable due to never being honest with himself or others this is uncharted territory for him.To connect further with Drew, give him a like and be sure to follow him on Soundcloud.