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Real by Drew Cooleyy

Listen to Real by Drew Cooleyy on Juss Russ Radio. Drew Cooley provides a very high quality spin on hit song "They Don't Know," by Jon B. The song was produced, written and engineered by Denzel Moche , also known as Drew Cooley. The story behind the song is that the girl in the relationship is telling all their business and with that it is bringing unwanted rumors spreading about the man in the relationship. He goes to tell her that he got her back. Basically saying don't listen to these rumors and believe in them. Learn more about Real by Drew Cooley on Artist Sounds.

Quotable Lyrics

Why do you keep on telling all your friends, everything we do you know even when we're in bed I dont know. If you love drama, then keep it away , keep it away from me. Please don't bring no problems, Cause i dont got the time for the games you play, Imma keep it real - Drew Cooleyy

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