DROPKICK - Boomin on Christmas


Take a listen to Boomin on Christmas by DROPKICK on Juss Russ Radio. Hailing from Yonkers, NY- Dropkick are your favorite rappers within a 7 mile radius of the 10705 area code. Mixing high energy lyrics with soulful backings-Dropkick looks to bring authentic hip hop to the table. Comprised of Bruce W, Jeffar, and DJ BAPHLD. BOOMIN ON CHRISTMAS is DROPKICKS way of saying Happy Holidays. Stepping away from the usually soulful sound, BOOMIN was designed to be your holiday pregame hype track. If it snows you can also play the chorus in your car or home to melt the snow off your roof. It’s been scientifically proven. You can catch more waves from Dropkick as they release them when you connect with the crew on Soundcloud.


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