Ducewa - Disretwerkful

Catch a vibe with the new single by Ducewa entitled “Disretwerkful”. Now we all know by now that this summer has been nothing less but a Hot Girl Summer with the emergence of dominant femcees such as Megan Thee Stallion and The City Girls. That’s all good, but with all that feminine energy rising up on the scene it was only a matter of time before the male emcees such as Ducewa joined the party and got it poppin’. Ducewa decided to add his own little sauce in the Hot Girl/Hot Boy Summer anthem mix, sampling none other than Nicki Minaj to come up with a booty shaking banger for his female fans to turn up too. “Disretwerkful” is a very high energy record that was not only made to cater to the ladies but also in order to allow Ducewa to expand upon his palette as an artist and prove he’s capable of making songs that can takeover the Dance Club scene. It should always be the goal of every artist to understand how to formulate records that not only curate to their fans but also the taste makers in the game such as radio stations, blogs, and DJ’s. These are the people and platforms that are going to insure that you’re song catches proper exposure and gets a true shot at success. Ducewa definitely knew what he was doing with this record “Disretwerkful” as the latest trends in Hip-Hop have all been centered around women and the never ending twerking movement. This song serves as another anthem for DJ’s to take too and of course for the women to shake too! If Ducewa pushes the song properly I honestly think it has the potential to grasp some mainstream attention in the next few months before it gets too cold outside for the turn up. Make sure you all tune in and follow Ducewa on SoundCloud where you’ll be able to find and stream his other bangers if you like this sound. Stream “Disretwerkful” by Ducewa now on Juss Russ Radio.