Eclectic Soul - Before You Go


Check out the song “Before You Go” by Eclectic Soul on Juss Russ Radio. Eclectic Soul is a producer and songwriter with a wide variety of taste in music. He takes that taste and creates new age records with an indie alternative vibe. The song "Before You Go" was written by Ryan McKinney (Eclectic Soul) and his approach was similar to the way he creates most of his music. He typically starts with a theme and for this particular track he wrote with his ex-wife in mind. According to the artist 'they still have a close relationship but at the same time due to his deficiencies at the time they split up - his wishes were that she would take a part of him before and after she left hence the name of the track "Before You Go". Don't sleep on this song or this artist. You can stream more music from Eclectic Soul when you follow him on SoundCloud.

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