Eduardo Diaz - Pensando En Ti (Video)

Watch the video for Pensando En Ti by Eduardo Diaz on Juss Russ Radio! Eduardo Diaz is an artist based in Guanajuato, Mexico. The talented classical guitarist and composer creates mesmerizing works that depict magical stories about his life and its colorful characters. His heartfelt exploration of memories, dreams, love, heartbreak, sorrow, hope, and joy through his compositions shows the delight Diaz takes in portraying life through music. Diaz has learned from the masters, but though he has devoted countless hours to the professional study of his craft, he is largely self-taught. Diaz's style is rooted in his natural musical instinct, improvisational abilities, and in his knack for translating feelings into resonant musical passages rich with melody and harmony. Check out the video for his track, Pensando En Ti, on YouTube, and look out for more of Eduardo Diaz's work.