caVeno - Girls Need Luv

Stream “Girls Need Luv” by caVeno on Juss Russ Radio. caVeno is one of the more premier R&B/Soul acts that we deal with here at Juss Russ Radio, and he recently dropped a new single via SoundCloud for his listeners to enjoy. This time around, the up and coming crooner comes through with much passion and conviction as he delivers his atmospheric new single entitled “Girls Need Luv”. caVeno wastes no time with this track as it only spans for a full duration of 1-minute and 36 seconds, which to some may seem a little too short but the vibe of this record commands a second spin…so it serves well as a shorter recorder. As an artist, caVeno’s sound hits on the darker and more lustful side of R&B as his songs often tell the stories of the love he let get away, or his shortcomings as a man within a intimate relationship. His songwriting ability in addition to his skill for storytelling within his songs have made him one of my favorite artists to pop-up on the radar this year because he always produces music that the everyday person can relate too. At this point, he just needs to stay consistent and continue to evolve his pen in order to dig deeper into his subject matter and continue to make music that connects with the minds and souls of music lovers everywhere. He currently has a substantial selection of music available on SoundCloud for free streaming so make sure you do some browsing around on his page to get familiar with the sound. Follow caVeno on SoundCloud now to hear more jams from the rising Pop sensation. Stream “Girls Need Luv” by caVeno now on Juss Russ Radio.