Embers Only - Into The Fire

Stop what you're doing and stream Into The Fire by Embers Only on Juss Russ Radio. Embers Only consists of 3 talented individuals looking to make a big name for themselves worldwide! Since releasing this new track onto the popular music streaming platform SoundCloud it has gained over 2 thousand plays. Into The Fire is the debut release from Brooklyn band Embers Only. It is a song that explores the pressure to surrender your heart and dreams to the demands of real life, while simultaneously railing against that very notion. It is both, the internal monologue we all suffer thru and a call to arms, to "refuse to retire" and challenge the constraints the world and at times, our inner selves place on us. It is a catchy, sing-along-able battle cry that echoes the struggles we all go thru. Like what you hear? Go give them a like and follow on SoundCloud.