EPV dropped new song "Go 2 Work" on SoundCloud


Take a moment to listen to the song “Go 2 Work” by EPV on Juss Russ Radio. EPV makes his first appearance on our music blog with this release and it reeks of potential. Coming to us by way of Georgia is a new-comer who loves many genre's of music. He writes, composes, produces, engineers, & sings all of his own songs and he is looking to expand EPV records to the mainstream. The song “Go 2 Work” is a blue collar working man's/woman's love song. EPV floats along this record with a pleasant and soft melody that will give you that classic R&B feel. We can’t wait to see where this song ends up among our top songs for R&B/Soul respectively. You can show love and support for EPV by sharing this post. Don’t sleep on the song or the artist - you can stream more of his work right now on SoundCloud.

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