Listen to Outburst by Explord on Juss Russ Radio. Explord is a 17 year old Electronic producer out of Missouri. Since the age of 5 he had a extreme passion for music and music theory. At 6 he started playing the Guitar and at 12 the Trumpet. Not long after the Trumpet he discovered Electronic music and initially he was not a fan. As time passed it grew on him and not it has become his life. He has producing music for about 5 years now with no plans on stopping. Outburst is his personally gift to those struggling with Cancer. To be more specific, the children whom suffer. The song is a free download but has a option to donate and 100% of the donations go to St.Judes. Not only is he incredibly talented but he is a man with a mission. He hope this song gives hope to those struggling day in and day out. To learn more about Explord, be sure to follow him on Soundcloud.