FactOne dropped a new song called "Nintendo"

Take a moment to listen to the song “Nintendo” by FactOne on Juss Russ Radio. FactOne makes their first appearance on our music blog with a trendy new Hip Hop record with plenty of flare and energy to make it in to your favorite playlist. For those of you who aren’t familiar with FactOne; they are a talented group of 5 recording artist who have a passion for making music. All of the artist are based in a small town in Washington which makes it hard for them to gain new fans and listeners exposure-wise, but regardless of how many people they reach it won’t ever change the fact that they love making music. The sound is good and the quality is great, making this song an easy one to consider being a new favorite. We enjoyed listening to this record and “Nintendo” serves as a fun and energetic record from the crew. Music should be honest and at the same time enjoyable. FactOne hits it on all cylinders with this particular record. Don’t sleep!