Fareal Di Realest - No Strings Attached

Fareal Di Realest

Take a moment and listen to No Strings Attatched by Fareal Di Realest on Juss Russ Radio. Fareal Di Realest is an upcoming Reggae coming to you from Brooklyn, New York. Let me start of by saying this. Exceptional! Long gone are the days when upcoming dancehall/reggae artist relied on sheer talent, originality, & lyrical content to earn the respect and approval of the masses & ultimately skyrocket to the top of the charts. Today, the standard is to rely heavily on gimmicks & uber risque or marginal lyrical content to earn recognition. Fareal Di Realest promises to bring back the nature of the culture and to re-energize it so that everyone can relate. No Strings Attached, is that song. To hit home the point, during this short review, I have listened to this track 5 times, YES 5 times. He is a breath of fresh air. Follow him on Soundcloud for more hits and future projects.