Ferentz and The Felons - Hudson County

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Ferentz and The Felons suggest their moving on to something new with the release of their Alternative Rock single “Hudson County” on Juss Russ Radio. Ferentz and The Felons make their debut on Juss Russ Radio by way of Hudson County, NJ. The band is fronted by Zak Ferentz, who is also the singer, guitarist, and songwriter, followed by Drummer Matt Waz, Bassist Rob Dudziak and Lead Guitarist Rich Catalano. Growing up, Zak was introduced at a young age by his mother to legends such as ‪Tom Petty‬, ‪Neil Young‬, ‪Bob Dylan‬, ‪Eric Clapton‬, and many more. Their music and songwriting had a huge impact on his musical journey, and continue to inspire him when it comes to songwriting. In addition to his musical influence, being raised in an urban area had its impact on Zak as well. His home life was broken and full of struggle, and the streets he found himself resorting to were even worse. After falling victim to his situation, Zak realized a change needed to be made and used everything he went through as fuel towards his passion of songwriting. Through every lyric and every note, you can feel and hear the emotions pouring out. Hear more on SoundCloud.