Fiskaa - From The D To The Bay (2018 Bucs Anthem)


Give a listen to From The D To The Bay (2018 Bucs Anthem) by Fiskaa on Juss Russ Radio! Fiskaa is an artist based in Tampa Bay, Florida. A die-hard Bucs fan and Tampa Bay native, Fiskaa set out to create a new anthem for the Bucs' upcoming season. Putting all his passion into his music, the artist created a remixed version of From The D To The A by Tee Grizzley and Lil Yachty, with all new original lyrics. Fiskaa is currently working hard to get his track into the stadium for fellow Bucs fans, and hopes his efforts will pay off. Check out his latest track on SoundCloud today, and look out for more of Fiskaa's work.