FlashBang304 drops his best song yet in "Day Dream"

Give it up for FlashBang304 and his new song “Day Dream” (ft. Graemez) on Juss Russ Radio. There’s absolutely no way you haven’t at least seen the name ‘FlashBang304’ if you really read up on our music blog. He’s always cooking up something new and hot to feed his listeners and he’s one of the more active and engaging social media channels we follow. FlashBang304 has a great ear for music and as he continues to make it, it’s like he keeps getting better and more perfected. Don’t believe us? Go listen to his very first release on SoundCloud and then listen to this song. Then look at the amount of time between the two releases. Then after you do that go check out every piece of his discography in between that we covered here on Juss Russ Radio. It’s immortalized. It’s permanent. There’s a story being told and we encourage you to start paying close attention. We can’t wait to see what’s next for the recording artist. He has the passion for this and he was definitely built for this. Don’t sleep!