FlashBang304 - Feelings

Stream “Feelings” by FlashBang304 on Juss Russ Radio. One of the most consistent and hardworking artists we’ve had the pleasure of covering here on our platform, FlashBang304 is back with a new vibe to continue padding the numbers of his already impressive SoundCloud catalog. The new single entitled “Feelings”, is a track designed to speak directly to the hearts and minds of his listeners as FlashBang304 looks to open up about some of his life experiences for the audience. Now for those of you that don’t know, FlashBang304 is one of the most diverse and versatile Hip-Hop artists you’ll come by today. His sound can range anywhere from hardcore Trap bangers, chill and laid back Hip-Hop vibes, or even the darker and moodier vibes we here in modern-day R&B. His versatility and charisma have been the two key components that have allowed FlashBang304 to garner such an avid fanbase in such a short amount of time. If he remains this consistent and continues to strengthen the quality of his music, it’s hard telling how far he could actually go in the Rap game. Follow FlashBang304 on SoundCloud now if you’d like to hear more music from the up and coming emcee. Stream “Feelings” by FlashBang304 on Juss Russ Radio now.