FlashBang304 ponders the "Otherside" in new Song


Take a moment to listen to a new song from FlashBang304 called “Otherside” on Juss Russ Radio. FlashBang304 feeds fans with a classic new record that features just him. A few of his last releases featured artists so its been nice for FlashBang304 to give us just him. As always he continues to impress with his choice of production bringing a different feel and vibe to every new record that he drops. This was has a pleasant and uplifting feel to it leading us to believe that he may be in a healthier state ‘spirit-wise’. His music has always been honest and dealing with the loss of his brother, a real fan can’t help but wonder if he’s okay. Life is hard and if we admit it we all need somebody at times. It would be great to see listeners and new fans rally around FlashBang304 as he continues his journey despite all of the adversity. Don’t sleep!

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