FlashBang304 - $low Motion

Stream “$low Motion” by FlashBang304 on Juss Russ Radio. FlashBang304 has to be THE most consistent Hip-Hop artist we deal with over at Juss Russ Radio. I mean seriously, every time I sit down to get started on my work this guy is dropping a new single. This time going in a more eerie and moody direction the up and comer decided to drop his track “$low Motion” on Spotify for his subscribers. I really enjoyed this record as FlashBang looks to provide some motivation and inspiration to the listeners as he encourages to never stop chasing whatever dream or goal that wakes them up in the morning. The truth be told, we all have a purpose. The hard part for most people is just simply getting a grasp on what that purpose may be. Once you do that, I promise it’s like you’re entire perspective on the world changes and things just start making sense. So if you’re on this journey called life, just trying to find you motivation…you need to thank FlashBang304 for dropping this song to help you out along the way. Make sure you subscribe to FlashBang304 on Spotify if you haven't already in order to stay updated on his new releases. Stream “$low Motion” by FlashBang304 on Juss Russ Radio.