Forge Village - Tomorrow (Feat. CS LIT)

Take a listen to the song "Tomorrow" by Forge Village featuring CS LIT on Juss Russ Radio. Forge Village is an aspiring musician out of Westford, MA. For those of you who aren't familiar with Forge Village yet here's some words from the artist: I started out making music when I was 13, and even though it started out as dubstep, through the years I have accumulated a heavy portfolio of many different genres. I’m 18 now and have grown thru my experiences and tracks. Always critquing myself and always have so many different versions of each song. Been using FL Studio for a long time now, and use other DAWs but FL Studio is where it’s at. Love the simplicity. Hoping to release some more tracks once I get my name out there. So much potential on SoundCloud, would love to start creating with some of these other artists". Forge Village has the right mindset and wreaks of potential. Follow his mission and stay up to date with the latest new releases by connecting with Forge Village on SoundCloud.

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