Stream “MOONLIGHT” by FORTVNE on Juss Russ Radio. Emerging out of New York City, New York is up and coming Trap artist better known as FORTVNE. The rising sensation decided it was time to release a new vibe to his fans which came in the form of his latest single entitled “MOONLIGHT” via SoundCloud. Up to this point, FORTVNE has made sure to keep his fanbase at bay by consistently releasing high quality jams and making them easy to access for new comers to fall upon. “MOONLIGHT” serves as a melodic journey through the mind of FORTVNE more than it does an actual lead single or radio record. The track takes a dope vocal sample from the late XXXtentacion’s hit record “Moonlight” and gives it new perspective as the production is much more ethereal and spacey than the original jam. So if you’re a fan of XXXtentacion, it’s safe to say you’ll find a genuine appreciation for the creation that FORTVNE gifted us with today. Stream “MOONLIGHT” now on Juss Russ Radio and be sure to follow FORTVNE on SoundCloud to hear more music from the up and comer.