Frolic x Saint James - SCREAM

Listen to the production ‘Scream’ by Frolic x Saint James on Juss Russ Radio. The two producers teamed up to create an energetic and up-tempo Bass House record worth that second listen. For years Frolic has been DJing and continue to add to his list of skills now starting to producer and make music for the last year or so. His music has a unique sound to it, fresh and original making it feel exclusive when you listen to a record of his. This type of song would do great in festivals and large club venues where the atmosphere is care-free and energetic. A crazy light show would be a plus too! For this to be the first time we have heard any music from Frolic - we were very impressed by the sound and the approach. We expect to see and hear some great things from Frolic in the future, in the meantime you can vote for this record to reach our top charts by simply giving the post a ‘like’.

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