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Frost Vegas from One Time shares 2006 on Soundcloud.

Frost Vegas from One Time shares 2006 on Soundcloud.

2006 by Frost Vegas

Have you heard 2006 by Frost Vegas on Soundcloud? Frost Vegas has been on a mission coming off a winning streak with his latest single One Time featuring Bryson Tiller and hasn't wasted any time with releasing his new song 2006. One thing most people don't know about Frost Vegas is that he is actually a triple threat. Not only is he rapidly becoming known for his music but producers and other artists have grown an interest in his production skills.

Frost Vegas openly admits to producing the majority of his music and is even fully involved in the creation of beats. In his spare time Frost Vegas works on beats and incorporating a new sound that will catch the next wave of listeners. You can stream more songs by Frost Vegas on Soundcloud by visiting his official profile.  Frost Vegas is definitely an artist to look out for and we will be sure to keep you updated as new songs by Frost Vegas become available.

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