Gallowayyys - Sweet Release


Check out Sweet Release by Gallowayyys on Juss Russ Radio. Gallowayys is an Experimental Audio Engineer from Denton, Texas. Gallowayyy comes from a family of musicians and singers and describes himself as a 30,000 year old shaman in a suit. His humble beginnings may be a contributing factor to his success. There are no problems, only solutions. For instance when his family could not afford an Ipod or MP3 player. Galloway simply found an app on his T-Mobile starter phone to record on.  He says "I've always been creative, expressing myself through dance, story telling, poetry, speech, and creative writing." His latest song Sweet Release encompasses his creativity, ability to bring a story to life, mesmerizing word play, and poetic lyrics. It is sensual, climatic, and deep. Starting his recording career in 2012, 5 years later he has written hundreds and recorded nearly 80 songs. For more artistic, poetry come to life; check Gallowayyys full portfolio on Soundcloud.