Gannon Hall - Monaco, Vol 2

Take a listen to”Monaco, Vol 2” by Gannon Hall on Juss Russ Radio. Gannon Hall is a promising up and coming Pop sensation that has been on a consistent grind, releasing a slew of singles independently on popular streaming platforms. Up to this point, Spotify has been the primary outlet Gannon has dealt with in regards to heavily marketing his music, cultivating a list of monthly listeners on his page that exceeds 16,000 people. This new, concise body of work offers five new premium tracks for fans to dig into and get reacquainted with the up and comer. The standout track on this project is “Last Embrace” as it serves as one of the more intimate and heartfelt joints on the project. It is the vulnerability that you sense in Gannon’s vocal delivery on this track that allows the emotion to bleed through and resonate with the masses. All in all, Monaco, Vol 2. feels like the perfect sequel to Vol. 1 which really helped place Gannon Hall on the map in regards to Indie Pop music. With the young sensation now earning ample recognition he is looking to make this new EP the one that pushes his movement over the edge. Follow Gannon Hall on Spotify now to stay in the loop with all of his new releases. Stream “Monaco, Vol 2.” by Gannon Hall on Juss Russ Radio.