Garrett Shultz - BEAUtiful

Check out “BEAUtiful” by Garrett Shultz on Juss Russ Radio. Garret Shultz has never been shy about his romantic interest, and his new single “BEAUtiful” definitely allowed the young Country crooner to open up about the lady he has his eyes on at the moment. It’s safe to say that when us fellas get infatuated with a female we tend to make things more difficult than we need to be in regards of breaking the ice. In order to let the flame build, you need a spark between two people right? Well our presented artist for today, Garrett Shultz’ new record “BEAUTiful” provides that spark and then some. His song writing ability and vocal tone really deem this song as a must have in your playlist if you’re looking for that next song to woo you’re lady, or ladies if you’re about that life! My gut tells me that Garrett only has his eyes on one though. Make sure you follow Garrett Shultz on Spotify to hear more hot jams like this one. Stream “BEAUTiful” by Garrett Shultz on Juss Russ Radio.