George Flyer - Bored

Stop what you’re doing and listen to the song called “Bored” by George Flyer on Juss Russ Radio. George Flyer makes his first appearance on our music blog with a trendy new record worth that second listen. George was born in a small town in Russia but his family never stayed in one place. Since he was a kid, he used to travel a lot and due to that reason, he didn't have many friends and the only true friend was music. His family had been living in Germany, Italy, France, Spain and ended up in Russia. When he was 12, George and his brother visited the United States and that was one of the first breaking moments: George realized that this is the place he belongs, this is the place his heart belongs. He decided for himself to move there whatever it takes. As life was going, he never forgot about his dreams even for a second. He wanted to inspire people all around the world, he wanted to share his story of his not-easy-life. He did quit the university in order to be able to devote himself to music. His art is full of true emotions, he's not one of those artists who rap or sing about money, drugs and similar things.
This is a track from the upcoming EP called "Broken Vision" The EP is out 08/01/19 (approximately) A song about the moment of life when you realize that you have to move and quit everything that brings you down. Don’t sleep on this song or this artist. You can stream more of his work right now on SoundCloud.