George Green - Violent Today (Music Video)

Check out Violent Today by George Green on Juss Russ Radio. Goerge Green is an very talented Singer/Song writer making his debut in the U.S. He started writing songs in 2014 and just jumped right in without looking back. Typically you release a track or two then the LP, not with George, so talented and confident he released his first LP after only 6 months, the entire LP! This video shows the difference in human relations, fear about violence in the human race. Violence is all around us, you can choose to be ready or not. Using animals to display human nature, you can see how gentle and quiet they can be then like a light switch you see the harm and violence a seemingly docile creature can cause. It is the same with the human race. Look at our characteristics, what really separates us from animals? People often call animals that kill savages, are we not the same? To hear more from George, be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel for more.