Gold X-Good Times

Gold X

Check out Good Times by Gold X on Juss Russ Radio! Gold X is a new and upcoming Rapper out of New York. Writing music since he was just 10, at 14 he was learning how to engineer and produce. It wasn't long before he began to master the craft. Hip-Hop saved his life. He is looking to expand his music and make it world wide. Good Times represents those teenage years and how life was just simply. You had freedom to do just about anything because you didn't have much responsibility. It is a reminiscence but also a foreshadowing that there is also good times to come in the near future. It is supposed to sound therapeutic. It is also to give you hope, that no matter what you go though, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. To stay connected with Gold X be sure to connect with him on Soundcloud.