Gone Gr3y - Black Mask

Listen to “Black Mask” by Gone Gr3y on Juss Russ Radio. Gone Gr3y is an up and coming wordsmith that has been making waves and doing his thing among the indie music world for quite some time now. He began honing on his musical skills at the early age of 16 and since then has slowly but surely been able to carve his own lane and make a name for himself in a ever saturated industry of artists and producers. He released his newest single entitled “Black Mask” on Spotify recently and it has been doing pretty well for being out for such a brief amount of time. Gone Gr3y decided to recruit another emerging emcee who also is unsigned but doing his thing, Ronye. Together these two form a dope tandem that translates into a certified Trap banger and sure to turn up the vibe in any atmosphere its placed in. As an emcee, Gone Gr3y definitely plays on the introspective and more moody notes of the Trap genre. His sound typically implements more abstract instrumentation rather than your traditional 808s and other signature sounds coined to the genre specifically. Take a moment to follow him on Spotify and be sure to browse through his catalog if you enjoy the sound. Stream “Black Mask” by Gone Gr3y on Juss Russ Radio.