G.U.S. - All I Want

Tap in and listen to “All I Want” by G.U.S. on Juss Russ Radio. Alternative Rock has been an emerging genre in terms of popularity over the last decade or so, taking root elements from the traditional Rock sound and bringing new life and perspective to the listeners and fans. Our featured artist today, G.U.S. stands at the forefront of this newfound movement. in terms of the indie scene goes, the band has utilized platforms like SoundCloud and Spotify to share their sound with the world. Their latest single “All I Want” is a self declarative song in which G.U.S. croons out to a romantic interest about the only desire they have, which is to be with their special someone. This song is driven by the emotion and vocal performance of G.U.S. band who does an outstanding job of showing off their range and songwriting ability. If they can consistently deliver records of this caliber, I wouldn’t be surprised to see G.U.S. get scooped up by a major label to help them further develop and market their talent. Stream “All I Want” by G.U.S. now on Juss Russ Radio and make sure you follow the band on SoundCloud to stay in the loop on any upcoming releases.