Hak7m Faraji - C I R C U S

Hak7m Faraji

Check out C I R C U S by Hak7m Faraji on Juss Russ Radio! Hak7m Faraji is an Rap artist making a commotion out of Atlanta, Georgia. I guess you can say music runs through his veins, being offspring of 2 underground MCs, raised in the studio and finding Hip Hop to be his passion. C I R C U S is about the lack of awareness and self indulgences into drugs. While inebriated during the writing process, the song itself is quite a reality in the rap culture. Rap and Drugs seems to be a marriage to speak, yet once hit, you find yourself in a ever rotating carousel or C I R C U S. Hak7m faraji has euphoric lyrics, indigenous story telling abilities and point on instrumentation. Be the first to know about future projects and releases by giving this song a like and connecting with him on Soundcloud.